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WiFi Network Installation and Configuration

Wi-Fi networks allow your company's computer equipment to connect to the internet or other devices wirelessly, that is, without using cables.

Instalación de Redes Inalámbricas WiFi

The use of this type of networks is increasingly widespread, due to the convenience of connecting to the network and the internet from any device at any point in your workplace.

For these wireless networks to function properly, it is necessary to have a router with WiFi signal, and in most cases, one or more repeaters or WiFi access points, which guarantee the coverage you need from the wireless network. In addition, it is necessary that the devices that distribute the WiFi signal are correctly configured, and that they have enabled security protocols that guarantee the confidentiality of the data transmitted over the network.

In Kualitek we are experts in the installation and configuration of WiFi networks for companies and businesses. We take care of the installation and commissioning of your computer networks and guarantee that they work with maximum safety and reliability.

Advantages of WiFi Networks

Wireless networks allow you to reduce your dependence on the wired network, which expands the coverage range of your internet network and the convenience of network users.


WiFi networks are generally less expensive and easier to implement, but you have to keep in mind that you must have good latency and an adequate coverage range so that the signal strength covers all the areas we need.

Among other advantages, the WiFi network allows you to:

  • Connect different devices wirelessly, without the need to deploy wiring.
  • That your employees (or customers if it is a business premises) can access the internet from anywhere in the range of the WiFi network.
  • Reduce costs derived from a wired network, or provide good redundancy so that connection with mobile devices is possible.

If you want to install and configure a WiFi network in your company, count on us. At Kualitek we have extensive experience in the installation and configuration of wireless networks, and we provide you with the technical advice you need.

We design the entire project according to your specific needs, we advise you on which are the equipment and products with the best value for money, we perform the installation and commissioning of the system, and we also have a computer Network Maintenance Service so that you are covered at all times for any technical incident.

If you are interested in installing or improving your company's WiFi network, you can contact us at any time through our phone, e-mail or contact form, and we will be happy to help you.

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