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The Importance of Network Cabling

The structured cabling system is the backbone on which all the computer and communications services of a company or business are based.

Instalación de Cableado Estructurado

Through physical wiring, the transmission of signals and information from different technologies is carried out, such as all voice (IP telephony) and data (images, video and all kinds of information) transmissions.

Many companies do not pay enough attention to the characteristics of their wiring infrastructure, and they end up paying very expensive, since much of the investment they make in computer equipment and systems is unproductive, since their performance is limited by a slow wiring network and inefficient.

Before installing the network wiring in an office or building, it is essential to study the characteristics of the same, and plan in detail the connection between the internet service that comes from outside (through optic fiber or radio link), and the communications rack, as well as the connection between it and all the equipment and systems that will be part of the company's computer networks (routers, switches, WiFi access points, computers, printers, etc.).

Aspects to Consider in the Installation of Structured Cabling

There are several essential aspects for the correct installation of the network cabling that will support the computer networks of your company or business:

Cableado Estructurado
  • Category of the cables used. Depending on the type of UTP cable used, which can be classified according to their category, (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a ...), the data transmission speed will vary and its impact on the computer network we build. For example, Cat5 category cabling is virtually obsolete, since it does not support gigabit ethernet connections, and Cat5e cabling, despite being the most frequent today, is in the process of being replaced by Cat6 cabling or higher.
  • Identification and labeling. Structured cabling networks are usually quite complex, due to the large number of equipment and systems that must be connected to the communications rack and to the company's computer networks, so it is essential to identify and Clearly label the cables and their terminations. This will allow us to avoid errors and confusion with cabling connections, which have a great impact on the productivity of the company when they occur.
  • Reliability and stability of the system. In order for the structured cabling project to succeed, it is necessary to use good quality materials in its installation and maintenance, which allow compliance with regulations and that comply with safety standards, performance and expected performance.

Why to trust in Kualitek?

To be able to perform a structured cabling installation with guarantees, you need to work with experienced companies that have a proven and validated work system. Kualitek technicians have more than 10 years of experience in the computer and telecommunications industry, and offer you maximum guarantees so that your company can have a secure, efficient and high-performance cabling network.

We help you avoid common errors in the installation of structured cabling, such as non-compliance with regulations, the use of poor quality cable, use cables of more than 90 meters between the rack and work points, or failures in the cabling map.

We take care of everything: the initial planning of the project to adapt to the needs of your company and your budget, the installation of the cabling, the performance certification of each network outlet (if you need this certification) , and preventive and corrective maintenance of the structured cabling system.

If you have any questions about this service, do not hesitate to contact us through our phone, e-mail or contact form, and we will advise you for free. Count on us for your network cabling installation project. We offer a complete, professional and quality service to all our clients.

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