Rack Cabinets Installation

Installation and Reorganization of Network Racks

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What Are Rack Cabinets Useful For?

Rack cabinets are metal structures that are used to accommodate inside, in an organized way, the main elements that make up the computer and communications network of a company.

These devices are switches, routers, patch panels, servers, UPS, video surveillance recorders, and the cables or patch cords to interconnect them.

The basic structure of a rack cabinet is made up of a base, ceiling and several internal metal profiles that allow the equipment they contain to be screwed together. They usually have a transparent glass door, so the status of the devices that are housed can be checked without having to open them, and they usually incorporate a lock with a key to prevent manipulation of said elements by unauthorized personnel.

There are small racks (up to 18U high), ideal for SMEs that do not require a large number of network devices, which can be installed fixed to the wall, and are known as wall mounted racks. Large rack cabinets (18U to 47U high) should not be fixed to the wall, for safety, and are called ground standing racks.

Advantages of Installing or Reorganizing your Rack with Kualitek

Any company that has its own office needs to install a communications rack, to be able to centralize all its network devices in one place. However, in many cases we have come across companies that already have a communications rack, but that is disorganized, with unlabeled device wiring and connections, and that urgently need a reconfiguration or reorganization of their rack cabinet.

Rack Cabinets Installation

These situations usually occur because the installation of the communications rack was not carried out correctly in its day, or because the growth of the company's computer network has not been managed in an orderly manner, and new devices and cables have been incorporated interconnection on the go.

At Kualitek we help you install or reorganize your rack closet, so that you take advantage of all the benefits that a good rack installation provides you:

  • We help you choose the appropriate rack size and type for the needs of your company, not only today, but also so that it is scalable in case your business grows in the future.
  • We help you select the ideal place to locate it in your facilities, taking into account factors such as the noise generated by the rack devices, the cooling or refrigeration needs of the devices, the office wiring connections, or the situation of the fiber optic internet connection input socket.
  • We label all the cables and connections in your rack cabinet and in your computer network, and we group the network cables using cable ties, all with the aim of facilitating the detection and resolution of technical problems in the future, and avoiding errors in the installation of new devices in the rack cabinet.

A well-organized company needs to have its entire IT and communications infrastructure in order. Not only to minimize the number of incidents, but to transmit to its own employees, suppliers and clients an image of efficiency and professionalism.

At Kualitek we help you install or reorganize your communications rack in a professional way, and always according to the needs of your company and within your budget. So if you are thinking of installing a rack cabinet, or you need to put your company's computer networks in order, contact us without obligation and we will be happy to help you.

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