Computer Networks Maintenance

Diagnosis, Repair and Professional Certification of Networks

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Computer Network Maintenance

The maintenance of computer networks implies a periodic review to ensure that they comply with our needs. Cable connections or network cards may fail over time and cause connection problems in computer networks.

Mantenimiento de Redes Informáticas

If we want to take advantage of the resources of our computer network, the ideal is to make a review of preventive maintenance to avoid problems in the network and ensure its proper functioning. So damaging is not having a computer network, like having a local area network cable that constantly fails and causes us delays and complications.

If your company needs to check or verify the operation of its computer network, it is important to rely on computer maintenance professionals in order to work with the best guarantees.

Do You Need Networks Maintenance?

Maybe you installed the computer network of your SME a long time ago, but it is currently generating network failures. In a network there are many elements that may fail at some point and we need a professional to check where the problem occurs. They can be cables, hubs, switches or any other element of the network that is not functioning properly.

A network with connection failures hinders all the activity of the company. If for example there are computer systems that do not connect to the internet , or fail to connect to the internal server, we will not be able to use them in optimal conditions. All this will also generate delays and productivity problems in the company that you could avoid.

Advantages and Benefits of Network Maintenance

A problem with the computer network can cause you to be without an internet connection for many hours or even permanently. This can have an important impact on the development of your work and income. You would incur delays and lose customers if you cannot perform your activity in a professional manner at the appropriate time and form.

A company should not risk network failures hurting its productivity and work. All your investments suffer when you do not anticipate in advance the errors of the computer network , reducing the work capacity of the different departments and workers of your company.

Mantenimiento de Redes

Having a service of preventive maintenance of computer networks helps you to ensure that problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.

With Kualitek you could take advantage of these advantages:

  • Prevent and detect network collisions in your Ethernet network. In Ethernet networks, all connected equipment sends and receives signals. When two systems are sending signals at the same time and there is not enough bandwidth, a collision occurs, which causes poor network performance.
  • Identify the reasons for the collapse of a Wifi network: Sometimes the configuration of the network does not help the different connected systems to have a good performance.
  • Review protocols and services on the network that are slowing down their operation.
  • Check the operation of the hardware elements of the network, from the connections to the network cards and the communication between computers.

Kualitek is your computer maintenance company. We work so that your business networks, whether cable networks or Wi-Fi networks, work well at the hardware and software level.

We provide solutions so that your company reduces risks and your computer networks can work with good performance.

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