Computer Networks and Connectivity

Professional Installation of High Speed ​​Networks and Internet

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Fast and Secure Computer Infrastructure

In Kualitek we provide effective solutions in installation, configuration and maintenance of all types of computer networks.

Redes y Conectividad

We provide your company with the necessary technological infrastructure for fast and secure data transfer and download, with the network design appropriate to your needs. We help you so that you can make the most of your computer equipment and resources.

We are professional installers of all types of computer networks, structured cabling, WiFi networks, LAN / Ethernet networks, and virtual private networks (VPN). Our technicians study your facilities in detail to design an efficient and high-quality network architecture tailored to your needs, with the type of hardware and communication protocols suitable for maximum security and optimal performance of your computing infrastructure.

We are also providers of internet connectivity services through optical fiber and radiolink.

Here we present our main services at the level of computer networks and internet connectivity. Contact us without obligation if you have any doubt or question, if you need to install or start up your computer networks, or if you need help to solve any problem with the operation of your company's IT infrastructure.

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