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Protect your Bussiness Data with Automatic Backups

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Online BackUp Service for your Company

Enjoy the peace of mind that your data is always safe with an automated online backup service.

BackUp Online - Copias de Seguridad

Backups allow you to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your company's information. So avoid hardware or computer security problems can make you lose documents or databases, and enjoy having full accessibility and possibility of restoration.

Say goodbye to physical devices such as external hard drives, CD or pen-drive, and start making scheduled, automated and encrypted online backups to avoid maximum protection.

Why Do you Need a Backup Service?

data security is a critical need in companies. On the one hand, you have the obligation to comply with the data protection regulations (LOPD, GDPR, etc.) and to preserve the information provided by third parties. On the other, data and information are the most important capital that your company has, so its protection and integrity are strategic priorities.

Automated online backups are the most efficient and best results guarantee thanks to its high level of redundancy, flexibility, organization and accessibility. Reduce risks and outsource your backup system to ensure a greater degree of reliability.

Online Backups' Benefits

With Kualitek you can have an automated online backup service designed so you can keep your information and data safe.

You can increase your storage capacity based on your needs, easily recover your backups and access them from any device through a web interface.

Backup Online

Among other advantages, our online backup service provides you with:

  • Maximum scalability: you can increase or reduce storage resources according to the amount of space you need, unlike what happens on external hard disk devices and NAS servers.
  • Total accessibility: you will not need to be in the offices of your company to be able to access the data of your backups. You can restore the information on any computer or computer device.
  • High upload and download speed: prevent backups from being too late when copying or restoring files on your external online backup server.

The backup scheduling prevents human errors from manual processes. With Kualitek we guarantee a scalable and accessible service with which your data will always be protected, regardless of the volume of data you have.

If you want to know more about our online backup service, contact us now without obligation through our phone, e-mail or contact form, and we will gladly assist you. Improve the security of your company and reduce the risks of catastrophic loss of data and information.

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