About Us


In Kualitek we are specialists in providing professional technology services to companies (B2B): computer networks installation, security cameras, IP telephony and IT services. Our clients operate in very different sectors: call centers, telemarketing, hotels, recruiting (HR), business centers, Forex, catering, real estate, neighborhood communities, commercial premises, etc...

We are based in Barcelona (Spain), but many of our services are provided at a global scale, having customers at many european, american, asian and african countries, to who we provide telecommunications services (such as voice and data), Internet connectivity through optical fiber connection, SDWAN or radio link, remote computer maintenance, and several cloud services.

Some of our services, on the other hand, have a local scope, and are limited to Barcelona and province, ​​Madrid and its metropolitan area, Zaragoza, and main Catalonian cities. These are mainly projects and installations: installation of computer networks, installation of video surveillance cameras, thermal cameras and alarm systems, and in-person computer maintenance.


Mission and Objectives

KUALITEK's mission is to help our customers to reach their business goals, making the most of technology and providing them the best service, being this way your only contactneeded to everything you may need related to IT, networks, connectivity, CCTV cameras and telecommunications.

Our goal is to keep a very high satisfaction rate by all our customers. We want satisfied customers who remain by our side for a lifetime thanks to a job well done.


Our Values

We operate with a series of core values ​​ that make us different from other technology service providers and most telecommunications operators, and that make up our guide on how to act at all times:

Customer-Centric Philosophy

Customer service and exceeding your expectations are our top priority. We get involved with you and your business, and we strive to help you achieve your business goals through making the most of technology.

Technological Innovation

We make it easier for our customers to benefit from the huge competitive advantage that involves having the latest technological innovations without having to manage them directly, and always obtained through a trusted supplier.

All-Round High Quality Service

We offer an all-round service, so you will only need one partner to everything related to technological services for your company, and we take good care of the bonds with our partners, to offer the highest quality service.

Great Place to Work

We firmly believe in teamwork, respect, support and fluid communication between the members of our staff. We want each person to feel engaged with our company, so that everyone is motivated to contribute with their best ideas.

Focus on What Really Matters

Our customers can focus on the core of their business , with all the peace of mind of having a trusted technology partner who is responsible for everything related to computer science, networks, connectivity and telephony.

Smooth Communication

Communication with our customers is fluid and permanent. We offer you an individual, personalized and proactive treatment, and we give a quick answer to your doubts, questions and requests. We are there for whatever you need, when you need it.

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