Internet Connection via Radiolink

Internet Access in Areas Where Optical Fiber Does Not Arrive

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What is the Radiolink and How Does it Work?

The most common and efficient way for a company to connect to the internet is through high-speed optical fiber.

Internet vía Radioenlace

However, there are times when this is not possible, since there are areas where the optical fiber still arrives, or where there are coverage problems in the internet connection . This usually happens in the following cases:

  • Industrial Estates
  • Production or distribution facilities in remote areas of the city.
  • Some areas of cities that do not yet have optical fiber coverage.

Whenever this happens, the best solution for your company is the internet connection via radio link.

Radiolink consists of the interconnection between different telecommunications devices located at two fixed points on the earth's surface, through electromagnetic waves by means of radio frequencies.

It works by a transmitter and a receiver, which are connected by a coaxial cable to their respective antennas, which emit and receive the electromagnetic signal.

Advantages of Our Radio Link Internet Connection Service

In Kualitek we help you to make your company an internet connection via radio link that is sturdy, high speed and low cost.

Internet vía Radioenlace

We take care of everything necessary for the implementation of the project, from the installation of the radio link antenna, to the configuration of the equipment and devices that will connect to the internet in your business environment so that you can have a wide range of coverage on your internet connection.

We do a detailed study of your needs so you can have internet connection points in the spaces you need. Your Wi-Fi connection will be fast, secure and of a high quality so that you can carry out any function in your company's environment, even those that require more bandwidth.

These are some of the advantages of our radio link service:

  • High bandwidth. Thanks to the radio link, you can achieve great speed in data transmission, without having high latency or connectivity difficulties, whatever your location.
  • Easy to install. The installation of a radio link internet connection system is not complex, nor does it take excessive time to start up.
  • It allows to overcome the irregularities of the land. The orography of the land in which your company is located can be complicated to bring cables. In contrast, radio link antennas allow you to overcome any obstacle in your internet connection.
  • Bajo coste. When cables are not used for connection, the installation has reduced costs and allows the internet to be connected to a wide geographical area.

If you have any doubt or question about our internet connection service by radio link, contact us without obligation through our telephone, e-mail or contact form. We will gladly answer your questions, and we will advise you for free so that values ​​if this service could be the solution to your company's internet connectivity problems.

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