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What is IT Consulting?

Computer consulting is a process through which a company specializing in Information Technology (IT) advises other companies on how to implement new technologies in the market to increase their productivity and improve their internal processes.

Consultoría Informática

The computer consulting service is especially useful in the case of companies that have grown very fast, and whose structure and complexity have exceeded the capabilities of the computer systems and applications used so far.

It is also essential for companies whose sector has evolved technologically, and that have lagged behind their competitors, for young companies that lack standardized internal processes, and for companies that have very high computer security requirements because they develop intellectual property and manage sensitive data and information

A well-planned and executed computer consulting service allows the implementation of the best technological options in these companies at the level of computer networks, equipment, applications and telecommunications, which increase the productivity of employees and managers, which facilitate their work both individually and in teams, and that drive the growth of the company and its digital transformation.

Our IT Consulting Methodology

At Kualitek we carry out customized computer consulting projects. We review and analyze the computer infrastructure used by our clients, the main tools and applications they use, their communications systems and their equipment, and we propose the best technological solutions that adapt to their needs and the way they work.

We analyze all aspects that may have an impact on the productivity of the company: business management software (ERP), business management (CRM), document management (CMS), use of virtual desktops and VPS servers, registration, cancellation and permit management of users, standardization in the purchase of computer equipment, management of the corporate email server and integration with Outlook or Gmail, productivity software (MS Office, Google Docs), etc.

Consultoría Informática y Transformación Digital

Our work methodology consists of the following steps:

  • Diagnosis of the current situation of the company. In this phase, the needs transmitted by the company are collected, and the existing problems and processes that can be improved are identified. For this, Kualitek analyzes the existing computer systems in the company, its computer and communications networks, its computer equipment and the applications used.
  • Development of an Action Plan , based on the results of the diagnosis made, and in agreement with the company so that the Plan adapts to your needs and the way you work.
  • Implementation of the designed Action Plan. The technological solutions agreed in the previous phase are implemented, in accordance with the deadlines established for each of the actions to be executed.
  • Evaluation of the results of the implementation performed. The final situation is compared with the initial situation, to confirm that the existing problems have been solved, and that the company's internal processes have been technologically optimized.

Once the computer consulting project is finished, we recommend our clients to contract our IT Maintenance Service and Networks Maintenance Service, since they allow to guarantee that the implanted computer and communications systems work optimally, and that the company can enjoy everything moment of the benefits of the digital transformation carried out.

If you have doubts or questions about our work methodology, or if your company can benefit from the realization of a computer consulting project, contact us without obligation and we will be happy to assist you. In Kualitek we put at your disposal the knowledge and experience of our technicians, so you can enjoy the maximum guarantees of quality, safety, and professionalism in the management of your computer systems.

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