Virtual Machines and Servers (VPS)

Virtual Desks for Maximum Flexibility and Security

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Virtual Servers (VPS) for your Business

Improve the security of your data and manage your applications centrally thanks to the VPS servers (Virtual Private Server).

Máquinas y Servidores Virtuales (VPS)

Imagine being able to access from anywhere a virtual desktop that guarantees you full freedom of movement to work with computer applications and with programmed security backups. Your company can benefit from the advantages of working with external virtual servers, enjoying maximum flexibility and scalability in the management of your data.

VPS servers can be used as support for daily backups, such as enterprise intranet for file storage , to deploy any software service, or as support for a virtual desktop system for all employees of the company.

In Kualitek we carry out the installation, configuration and commissioning of VPS servers for your company, whatever your objectives and the use you want to give them.

Virtual Desks Usage Benefits

A virtual desktop is a computer tool that allows any user to access their work desk (workspace) virtually, from any device and location and at any time.

The virtual desktop does not run directly on the device accessed by the user, which functions as a mere terminal, but on a remote server hosted in the cloud, using virtualization software. This has a good number of advantages for the company, and also for the worker:

Escritorios Virtuales
  • Maximum flexibility and versatility. The worker can connect to his workspace from different devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone) simply by having an internet connection, which facilitates remote work, work reconciliation, and being able to work normally during business trips.
  • Maximum security . The data is not stored in the terminals (local devices), but in the datacenter where the VPS virtual servers are hosted. This minimizes the risk of data theft from loss or theft of devices, and also allows you to schedule and automate company backups. It is advisable to complement this service with the VPN Service, so that the connection of workers to their workspaces occurs in an encrypted way.
  • Decrease in infrastructure costs . The use of virtual desktops that run on a cloud server allows you to use simpler terminal devices, and with fewer features. In many cases, it is sufficient to use ThinClient or Raspberry Pi devices, without having to purchase sophisticated computer equipment for each employee.
  • Management simplification . The standardization that occurs both at the hardware level and at the software level in the workspaces of the workers greatly simplifies the tasks of computer management and maintenance, the performance of audits and inventories of equipment and applications used, and the deployment of new programs.
  • Scalability. The start-up of new jobs is much faster and easier, even for workers and remote offices, which makes the company's growth much more flexible.

All these advantages result in the simplification of the management of the company, decrease of the security risks, and increase of the productivity of the workers, reason why it is a totally recommendable technological solution for any company.

At Kualitek we take care of the implementation and configuration of the virtual desktops system for our clients, always tailored to their business needs. With a close, professional and personalized technical service, we carry out the installation and maintenance of VPS private virtual servers as part of our computer maintenance services. Check with us for more information.

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