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Why Should You Hire a Virtual Switchboard?

Having a virtual IP telephony switchboard is the most efficient, productive and professional way to manage a company's telephone communications.

Telefonía IP - Centralita Virtual VozIP

If your company has different departments within the same office, or has different offices or delegations at national or international level, it is essential that you have a professional telephone system, which allows each worker to have their own telephone extension, and that Multiple calls can be made or received simultaneously.

You can organize telephone extensions by departments and by delegations, and have different telephone numbers for different cities, provinces or countries, managing the entire communications system centrally.

You can also improve your company's brand image using advanced features such as the IVR (virtual receptionist) menu, welcome messages, or music on hold.

If the company also has a Telephone Sales Department (Call Center), or a Customer Service Department, you need an advanced virtual switchboard that allows you to configure call queues (call queues), integration with your CRM, call monitoring functions and call whispering, recording of calls for training and quality reasons, and that generates statistics and detailed reports that allow you to monitor the activity of your agents or commercials.

IP telephony is also superior compared to traditional fixed telephony in everything related to flexibility and mobility of workers, which is essential today, for example to be available during business trips, or to manage teleworking and conciliation family. This is because IP phones are not associated with a physical telephone line, but with a virtual telephone number, and can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a softphone application, you can even configure your computer, tablet or mobile phone to work as an IP phone and use them to make or receive calls.

Advantages of Kualitek's IP Telephone Service

Kualitek is an IP telephony operator with an official license from the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition of Spain), which allows us to offer VoIP virtual switchboard services to customers around the world.

We carry out the entire process of installing and configuring the virtual switchboard for your company, and we also offer you our telephone numbering service so you can have the local, national or international landline numbers you need.


Among the advantages of hiring the IP telephony service with Kualitek, the following should be noted:

  • We have very competitive rates on national and international calls.
  • We guarantee the highest quality of calls, since we only use premium telephone routes to transmit the voice.
  • As we provide mobile phone services as well, you can unify all your company's communications with a single operator.
  • We guarantee the correct propagation of CallerID (your outgoing telephone number), so that the caller can correctly identify your telephone number and its geographical location. This is very important for example for call centers, as the rate of acceptance of telephone calls increases greatly.
  • Our virtual switchboard allows you to connect up to 5,000 extensions / users, in different geographical locations, which offers you enormous flexibility and scalability in the growth of your company.
  • Internal calls between different extensions within your company or organization are totally free.

Kualitek's IP telephony service is not exclusively for large companies and international call centers (who are the ones who can benefit most from our services). Small businesses can also take advantage of many of the advanced features of our VozIP virtual switchboard, since to start up a virtual switchboard in your company you only need to have an internet connection and a computer, tablet or mobile phone in the than install your softphone application.

Contact us now and you can try the advanced virtual switchboard of Kualitek for free for 30 days, without portabilities or commitments.

Advanced Features of Our Virtual Switchboard

Our VoIP virtual switchboard has multiple advanced functions that will allow you to take your company's or business telephone communications to another level, both in terms of internal organization and in order to optimize your customer service. Here are some of the main advanced features that we put at your disposal. If you have questions or questions about any of them, contact us without obligation.

IVR Menu (Virtual Receptionist)

Improve the image of your company using a virtual receptionist menu.

Call Recording

Record calls from your telephone agents for training or security purposes.

Call Monitoring

Listen to real-time calls directly from your system / phone.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to extensions or externally to your mobile phone.

Call forwarding

Divert your calls to any extension or external number.

Call Distribution

Distribute incoming calls according to your needs and communicate to your customers that they are queued.

Business hours

Schedule an automatic message that answers the calls you receive outside business hours.

Click To Call

Call any phone number of your CRM or web browser with just one click.

Voicemail To Email

Receive all voice messages as an audio attachment via email.

CallerID Selection

Select which of the telephone numbers associated with your switchboard you want to be shown when making calls.


Get detailed statistics of your incoming and outgoing calls to monitor the activity of your telephone agents.

Online Management Platform

Manage your communications system from anywhere using our online platform.

Music On Hold

Enliven the wait of your customers with music to improve the image of your business.


Make basic audio conferences with 3 simultaneous participants (for more participants we have the audio conference service).

Call Whispering

Advise your telephone agents during calls without customers being able to listen to you.

Call Groups

Configure the virtual switchboard so that several extensions receive calls at once.

Call Forwarding according to Schedule

Configure your switchboard to divert calls differently according to the time of day.

Follow Me

Forward the incoming call to another extension if the call has not been answered after several tones.

CRM integration

Integrate your IP telephony system with your CRM to facilitate the work of your commercials.

Call Now

Allow your customers to request the call of your agents through your website.

Fax to Email

Receive fax by email and send fax from our online platform or from your email.

Call Filter

Filter all unwanted calls (specific numbers or destinations).

Call Log (CDR)

Get detailed reports of calls made to control the cost of your bills.


Set up a supervisor to manage users, call distribution and more.

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