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The Hardware Equipment Your Company Needs

In Kualitek we are experts and specialists in everything related to computer networks, telecommunications, IT services and video surveillance and security systems.

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Our technical knowledge and the experience accumulated for more than 10 years performing installations and working with our clients, allow us to know firsthand which are the equipment and technological products that work best in practice, and that present a better quality-price ratio. Thanks to this knowledge, we can advise you in a personalized and individualized way according to the needs of your company.

Forget about looking for your hardware resources in dozens of companies and spending more than necessary. We take care of everything. We are your trusted technology provider , and we plan each project thoroughly so that you have the products with the best quality-price ratio and that best adapt to the requirements of the installation to be carried out or of your existing technological infrastructure.

We always select equipment of proven quality, with which we have worked previously and that we know well, and that guarantee reliable and safe behavior to minimize any type of incident.

With our technological sourcing service you will have the confidence that your computer systems and communications networks have all the guarantees of quality, speed and safety, complying with all international standards. You will save time and money in the search for equipment and products, and above all, you will have the security of knowing that you are using the right hardware for the technological infrastructure of your company.

Computer Networks and Internet Connectivity

Computer networks, whether cable networks or wireless networks (WiFi), require hardware elements that ensure adequate connectivity and maximum performance and security. In Kualitek we provide you with all the necessary hardware elements for your computer networks:

  • Switches and routers.
  • WiFi access points (wireless network repeaters).
  • Rack cabinets, wiring, connectors, etc.

Telephony and Telecommunications

Get the terminals you need for effective management of your telephone communications. We advise you on the equipment of IP telephony, mobile telephony and videoconference of best quality-price ratio. We take care of the sourcing of the equipment and its installation, configuration and connection to the company's control unit:

  • Wireless IP phones, desktop IP phones and mobile phones.
  • Videoconferencing and audioconferencing equipment.
  • Headphones, adapters, telephone cables, etc.

IT Maintenance and IT Services

In Kualitek we select for you the computer equipment that best suits the needs of your company. Our transversal knowledge of the IT infrastructure allows us to advise you in a personalized way, so that you can get the most out of your investments in computer hardware:

  • Windows and Linux servers.
  • Desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • Computer components (SSD hard drives, RAM memories), peripherals, cables, adapters, etc.

Video Surveillance and Security Systems

We provide you with all the equipment and products you need for the reliable operation of your video surveillance and security systems. We have all kinds of optical and thermal cameras and digital recorders, from the most basic to the most sophisticated equipment, with body temperature detection, facial recognition and artificial intelligence:

  • IP cameras for indoors and outdoors, dome, bullet, thermal cameras, infrared and night vision cameras, etc.
  • Digital recorders for CCTV systems.
  • Radio frequency alarm systems.

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