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Phone Calls Monitoring

Call monitoring is a perfect technology for companies that need to monitor, analyze and improve the marketing of their products and services by telephone.

Monitorización de Llamadas

It is an advanced functionality of our Virtual Switchboard VoIP that will allow you to listen in real time to the calls of your commercial or customer service agents, and even give them instructions on how to proceed, without the customer or receiver of the call being able to listen to your instructions.

Combined with other advanced features such as call tracking or telephone call recording, real-time call monitoring will allow you to have absolute control over the use of your company's telephone lines, and optimize the outcome of your sales campaigns telephone and the quality of your customer service.

The monitoring and recording of telephone calls are also useful in those cases in which you suspect that one of your employees is using the company's resources unfairly, or is carrying out activities contrary to good professional ethics.

Telephone Calls Monitoring Usage

More and more companies are aware that what is not measured cannot be improved. If you need to evaluate and optimize the results of your sales or customer service team, it is essential that you can control the calls and enhance the knowledge and sales techniques of your commercial agents.

Monitorización de Llamadas

With our call monitoring service, you can optimize several areas of your company that directly impact your relationship with customers and potential buyers:

  • You can listen to the ongoing telephone conversations and monitor the performance of commercial agents or customer service.
  • You will have the possibility to give real-time instructions to your agents without the client listening to your instructions.
  • By combining monitoring and recording calls, you can greatly improve the training of your telephone agents, giving them real-time indications or reviewing together the course of the calls made.
  • By combining monitoring and call tracking, you will be able to analyze and better understand the results of your telephone sales campaigns, and make quick decisions to optimize the performance of your agents, your sales argument, detect habitual objections, etc.

With Kualitek you can hire the call monitoring service as one of the advanced features of our Virtual Switchboard VoIP services. You can hire this service in isolation, or in conjunction with other advanced services such as call tracking and telephone call recording, which will allow you to optimize the management of your company's resources.

If you have any doubts or questions about these services, don't hesitate to contact us without obligation through our phone, e-mail or contact form, and we will advise you for free on how to monitor the calls of your agents and maximize the performance of your commercial team or customer service.

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