Internet Connection through Optical Fiber

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Optical Fiber Installation for your Company

Do you want to have a high speed internet connection? Optical fiber is the best solution for companies in order to have faster connections, greater security and greater bandwidth.

Internet Connection through Optical Fiber

Unlike other models such as copper wiring, data is transmitted through the optical fiber wire by pulses of light, reaching transmission rates of 10 TB/second. This technology has allowed to revolutionize telecommunications, so the optical fiber coverage has been extended vertiginously in recent years.

Companies that still have connections and old wiring are realizing that this is not the best option when you want to have a network connection with a high speed .

Why Do You Need Optical Fiber in your Company?

Optical fiber is easy to install, it allows you to improve the speed of data transmission and download. Its installation does not require a large number of repeaters, nor is it so sensitive to voltage changes that can generate interference in the connection . It is also much harder to intercept than in the copper pair, so it is safer. The quality of the connection is much higher and you can take full advantage of the contracted speed.

This is particularly important when we want to implement services such as virtual switchboard, IP telephony and video and audio work with optical fibers, with multiple devices connected to the same network, where it is best to have a greater bandwidth so you can have a higher quality of service.

Optical Fiber Installation Benefits for your Company

In Kualitek we offer you optical fiber wiring installation services . Our team has the experience and professionalism necessary for the design of an installation adapted to your environment.

We carry out the installation of single mode and multimode optical fiber, allowing you to have a structured network, with all certification0s and appropriate to international standards.

Optical Fiber

Among other benefits, having a optical fiber wiring network will allow you to:

  • Transmit high volumes of data at a faster rate, thus reducing the time spent on your communications.
  • Reduce to almost zero the interferences and interruptions in the connection, obtaining a greater availability of the IT infrastructure of the company.
  • Reduce costs per bit and implement applications that allow an improvement in the organization, for more efficient voice and video transmission.

Request our optical fiber installation services in your company. We offer all our advice and specialized technical service so that you can solve doubts and optimize your network cabling to obtain a better performance in speed, safety and reliability.

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