LAN Networks (Ethernet Networks)

Local Networks Installation and Maintenance for Companies

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LAN Ethernet Networks For Your Company

A LAN network or local area network is a connected system of devices in a given area. They are usually small networks, ideal for SMEs or medium-sized office buildings.

Redes LAN (Redes Ethernet)

You probably got here because you want to install an Ethernet network in your company to share data and resources. Thanks to LAN networks, a user in your company can consult or share data with other computers (nodes) connected to the same network.

In Kualitek we help your business to install, configure and create Ethernet LAN networks of different topology, so they fit your needs.

Why Do You Need a LAN Network?

LAN networks allow your company to access from multiple nodes to the different hardware resources you have. This allows you to share information and control bandwidth in the internet connection when uploading and downloading data.

Through this type of small networks, you can connect computer systems and provide connectivity to the different computers in your company. You will have a LAN network server with which different computers communicate to store data or manage resources in common.

Benefits Of Creating a Local Area Network

The installation and configuration of a LAN network in your company may have multiple benefits. Both from the point of view of productivity, as well as costs savings and organization of your company. Many small and medium-sized companies decide to work in this way to manage computers centrally.

LAN Networks

A LAN can be made via wireless connection or via Ethernet cable. This second way allows you to enjoy greater speed and security in data transmission.

Among other benefits, local area networks help you to:

  • Share network resources: You can have free access programs and files from the different computer systems.
  • Improve security: you can manage user access permissions and centralize computer security tools.
  • Control speed: so the internet connection of the different stations has enough bandwidth to work in parallel optimally.

n Kualitek we help you install a local area network in your company, local or office. With our technical services you can have the peace of mind of having a professional Ethernet LAN network so you can share resources and media effectively in your business.

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