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Welcome to the website of KUALITEK™, the trusted technology services provider for your company or business. We are professional installers of computer networks and video surveillance cameras in Barcelona and surroundings, and specialists in computer and telecommunications services worldwide (Spain, Europe, America, Asia and Africa). We offer a wide range of solutions in computer networks and connectivity, IP telephony, computer maintenance, cloud services, CCTV systems and thermal cameras. Contact us without obligation and explain what you need. We will advise you in a personalized way, and we will provide you with a customized solution for your company.

Regulatory Bodies

We are Official Operator of IP Telephony and Mobile Telephony (OMV) licensed by the CNMC


Global Services

(Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania)

Our base is in Barcelona (Spain), but in many of our services we operate globally, with clients in multiple countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, to whom we provide telecommunications services (IP telephony and international numbering service), internet connectivity via optical fiber or radiolink, remote IT support, web maintenance and several cloud services (VPS virtual servers, online backup, etc.).

Local Services

(Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Catalonia)

In addition to the services we provide globally, we also provide local services (mainly projects and installations). Such services are limited to Barcelona and province, Madrid and surroundings, Zaragoza, and major cities in Catalonia. Examples of our local services are installation of computer networks and structured cabling, installation of surveillance cameras, thermal cameras and alarms, and on-premises IT support.

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