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Virtual Mobile Operator Service (OMV)

Kualitek has an official license from the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition of Spain) which allows us to offer telephony services as a Virtual Mobile Operator (OMV).

Telefonía Móvil para Empresas

We operate using the Movistar™ mobile phone network, which ensures good service coverage throughout the national territory, but applying our own rates for mobile calls and 4G data plans.

The merger or convergence of the landline with the mobile phone is a growing trend among companies, due to essential needs today such as mobility, flexibility and telecommuting.

The fixed-mobile convergence consists in the possibility of being able to unify the fixed and mobile calls of the company with the same operator, so that we can improve the internal organization and productivity of the company, ensure that workers who are on the move can be always localizable, and that all communications of the company are centralized and interconnected.

Customer Service or Sales Departments with multiple telephone positions require the efficient use of different devices, whether fixed or mobile. Centralized and well organized information is essential for us to measure the effectiveness of our actions.

Advantages of Unifying your Fixed and Mobile Communications with the Same Operator

The combination of our IP Telephony Services (VoIP Virtual Switchboard) with our Mobile Telephony Services allows us to offer our clients the possibility of integrating all their fixed and mobile communications under one operator, which has many advantages:

Telefonía Móvil para Empresas
  • You will have a single interlocutor for everything related to your communications and telephony, simplifying the resolution of problems, the integration of systems, and all the administrative and cost control aspects.
  • You can use your landline numbers on your mobile devices, using a softphone application that converts your mobile phone into a VozIP landline.
  • You can integrate your mobile phone numbers into the automated call reception flow thanks to our Advanced VoIP Virtual Switchboard, which will allow your workers to always be contactable and avoid losing important calls. This will also allow you to have a better control and monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls.

In Kualitek we help your company to organize in a more efficient way, improving your workers' mobility and their phone accessibility, making it easier for you to have access to interconnected communications services with custom and convergent functions both in mobile and fixed terminals.

If you have any question about this service, please, feel free to contact us through our phone, e-mail or contact form, and we will advise you for free. And if you are already a customer of our IP Telephony Service, don't hesitate to avail yourself with all the advantages of unifying your company's fixed and mobile communications with us. Consult us without obligation and we will gladly inform you.

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