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Thermographic Cameras for Measuring Body Temperature

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Why to Install a Thermal Camera?

Public health measures taken in every country in the world due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic are making a big impact on our society, our lifestyle, and of course our economy.

Thermal Cameras Installation

Those countries who have achieved the best results in the containment of the disease (South Korea, for example) are those that have been able to take advantage of the most advanced technologies, such as thermography , to detect as soon as possible. the first positive cases and proceed to the isolation of those who are sick.

Thermal or thermographic cameras allow the measurement of body temperature of several people at once, at a distance and without physical contact, thus detecting cases of fever, one of the main symptoms of this infection.

For this reason, the massive installation of thermal cameras at frontiers, airports, railway stations, large work centers, and in general all kinds of areas of large influx of people . The concern of customers for the health measures adopted in companies is growing, and it is likely that very soon it will be essential to have such systems in all kinds of companies, local businesses, and businesses. hospitality and catering.

If your company or business needs to adapt to this new reality, at Kualitek we can help you thanks to our extensive experience making installations of CCTV video surveillance systems and thermal cameras. We cover the entire system start-up cycle: design, installation and configuration of the computer network , cameras and recording equipment, as well as their calibration and maintenance to ensure maximum system reliability.

Thermographic Camera Models:

There are several models of thermal cameras, each of which is recommended for a specific type of customer profile depending on their situation and needs. At Kualitek we put at your disposal our knowledge and our experience to advise you on the body temperature measurement solution you need for your company or business.

Thermal Camera Installation

The main models of thermal cameras are the following:

  • Portable thermal camera. This is a manual measuring tool, with a working radius of one meter and an accuracy of ± 0.5 ºC. It is the cheapest solution, and allows maximum portability with an immediate start-up. It must be operated by an agent, and the temperature measurement is done person to person, individually.
  • Dual thermographic camera. It's a more sophisticated solution, which includes a dual camera (optical and thermal), and can be installed on the ceiling or wall, or mounted on a tripod. It has an accuracy of ± 0.5 ºC, and allows the measurement of temperature of up to 30 people at a time, with a distance of between 4 and 9 meters. An agent is not required for use, and allows you to set up audible alerts when a person with fever symptoms is detected.
  • Dual thermographic camera with Blackbody for high precision calibration. It is a variation of the previous solution, which incorporates a calibrating element called Blackbody, which allows to increase its accuracy to ± 0.3ºC. It is a recommended solution for environments with a large influx of people, which require a higher level of demand for the accuracy of the system.

For all three options, it is useful to have a digital infrared thermometer as a complementary element, to individually confirm the body temperature of the people that the thermal camera system has detected as positive cases, and thus be able to immediately apply the corresponding security protocols.

If you have any questions or concerns about which type of solution is best suited to the needs of your company or business, how to integrate thermal cameras in your video surveillance system, or how to integrate thermal cameras in your access controls, capacity control or counting of people , we invite you to contact us without obligation through our telephone or our web form. At Kualitek we are at your disposal, and we want to help you adapt your company and your facilities to the new reality that we have had to live due to the coronavirus health crisis.

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