Kualitek provides feature-rich virtual switchboard – Cloud Telephony for SME’s.

Kualitek Communications™ is a VoIP unified communication (UC) provider that offers Voice over IP solutions for businesses hosted entirely in the cloud. Our engineers with over 10 years of experience customise and develop VoIP infrastructure for SME’s around the globe. With our feature-rich virtual switchboard platform, we help businesses grow by implementing international numbers for a global presence and the facility for worldwide clients to call at local rates.



Let us help you choose the best services for your business.

  • Virtual Switchboard - Feature Rich VoIP Telephone System

    Cloud Telephony

    Unify all your communications and benefit from feature-rich VoIP virtual switchboard based entirely in the cloud.

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  • International Numbers - An Addon to Your VoIP Telephone System solutions

    International Numbers

    Let your business have an international presence with our virtual numbering service from over 50 countries.

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  • WiFi Everywhere - Travel Everywhere, Connect Anywhere

    WiFi Everywhere

    Travel Everywhere, Connect Anywhere. With this service we make sure you are always surrounded by WiFi coverage.

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  • Traditional Telephony - Cheap International Calls Directly from your home line connection

    Traditional Telephony

    Make use of your analog telephone system and call internationally using affordable VoIP rates.

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  • Calling Cards - Benefit from cheap calls made directly through your mobile phone.

    Calling Cards & VoIP Apps

    Take your office extension with you on your mobile or use calling cards to make cheap international calls.

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  • Network Optimisation - Optimise your network infrastructure for VoIP Telephone System and Quality of Service

    Network Optimisation

    Optimise your network installation for Voice over IP and benefit from rich functionalities of a virtual switchboard.

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To comply with the regulatory bodies, Kualitek is licenced by:

Comision De Los Mercados De Las Telecomunicaciones y Comision Nacional De Los Mercados Y La Competencia




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