Kualitek Communications is a young, ambitious and fast-growing telecommunications company which provides telephony services to small and medium sized international businesses. We offer a wide range of business communication services such as hosted PBX, toll free, national and international numbers for over 50 countries, IP telephones and much more. Our services are designed to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, helping our customers to increase sales through advanced communication features.

We are looking for a bilingual English and Spanish person to fill the position of executive and sales/marketing assistant, with the possibility to work remote/virtual or in our Barcelona offices. More details below:

What you’ll be doing (initial responsabilities):

  • Market research, lead generation and lead qualification based on our ideal customer profiles.
  • Constantly interacting by e-mail and phone with our prospects, leads and customers.
  • Setting up phone and in-person sales meetings for our IT and Sales Director.
  • Management of executives agenda as well as sales CRMs and marketing campaigns.
  • Writing and editing marketing reports as well as other marketing and sales materials.

Who you are (skills and qualifications):

  • An A-player with at least 1 year of experience in a similar role.
  • Bilingual English + Spanish: totally fluent in both languages (written and spoken).
  • Very proactive person, self starter that works well in a team environment (a reactive person is really not a good fit for this position).
  • Very disciplined, organised and hard-working person.
  • Very social and communicative person, happy to have a high phone and e-mail daily activity.
  • Digital savvy, fast learner and good researcher, capable of adapting to different tools and systems.
  • Bonus: you like writing and editing content (reports, blog posts, marketing and sales materials) fast and with a high quality standard.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • We provide a competitive salary, benefits and vacation policy, and we also firmly believe in meritocracy and a culture of performance-based compensation.
  • If you’re the right fit for the team – we’ll make sure the compensation works itself out.
  • Also, you will have the opportunity to get paid for a world-class education in entrepreneurship, marketing and sales.

Next steps:

  • If you are interested in applying for this position, you need to complete the following Application Form.





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